⚡ Actor framework for Rust.
actix Apache License 2.0 Updated


⚡ RFCs for changes to Rust
rust-lang Apache License 2.0 Updated
⚡ Rust plugin for the IntelliJ Platform
intellij-rust MIT License Updated


⚡ Serialization framework for Rust
serde-rs Apache License 2.0 Updated
⚡ rust wrapper for rocksdb
rust-rocksdb Apache License 2.0 Updated


⚡ Writing an OS in Rust
phil-opp Apache License 2.0 Updated


⚡ Safe Rust bridge for creating Erlang NIF functions
rusterlium Apache License 2.0 Updated
⚡ OpenSSL bindings for Rust
sfackler Updated
⚡ Educational blog posts for Rust beginners
pretzelhammer Apache License 2.0 Updated
⚡ Learning Rust By Practice, narrowing the gap between beginner and skilled-dev with challenging examples, exercises and projects.
sunface Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Updated


⚡ The Rust Implementation of the libp2p networking stack.
libp2p MIT License Updated
⚡ Data for
rust-lang Updated
⚡ Native PostgreSQL driver for the Rust programming language
sfackler Apache License 2.0 Updated


⚡ A tiny 32 bit kernel written in Rust
haileys MIT License Updated
⚡ Rust implementation of Google protocol buffers
stepancheg MIT License Updated


⚡ Vim configuration for Rust.
rust-lang Apache License 2.0 Updated
⚡ Rust Bitcoin library
rust-bitcoin Creative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal Updated


⚡ The Rust package registry
rust-lang Apache License 2.0 Updated
⚡ Rust for Windows
microsoft Apache License 2.0 Updated
⚡ Very resourcefriendly and feature-rich replacement for i3status, written in pure Rust
greshake GNU General Public License v3.0 Updated


⚡ Rust-based platform for the Web
swc-project Apache License 2.0 Updated
rust-lang-nursery Creative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal Updated


⚡ Metal IO library for Rust
tokio-rs MIT License Updated
⚡ 🐉 Making Rust a first-class language and ecosystem for GPU shaders 🚧
EmbarkStudios Apache License 2.0 Updated
⚡ Rust Programming Fundamentals - one course to rule them all, one course to find them...
CleanCut MIT License Updated
⚡ Common data structures and algorithms in Rust
EbTech MIT License Updated


⚡ Redis library for rust
redis-rs Updated


⚡ AWS SDK for Rust
rusoto MIT License Updated


⚡ SDL2 bindings for Rust
Rust-SDL2 MIT License Updated


⚡ Rust :heart: Emacs
remacs GNU General Public License v3.0 Updated