Founder of Flockingbird. ActivityPub, Mostly in Ruby and Rust. Updated
Software engineer. Scala addict. Gopher. Rust newbie. Cloud-native citizen.
Saarbrücken DigitalOcean Updated
I write spaghetti code, Junior Rust Engineer @Polkadex-Substrate
Bangalore, India Updated
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Regensburg, Germany Updated
Addicted to Rust. Core maintainer of PyO3. Full-stack developer; other than Rust you'll find me using Python, Typescript and C++.
Oxford, UK @Rothesay Updated
Building Ruff. Python, Rust, and WebAssembly. Past: Staff software engineer @ Spring Discovery, Khan Academy.
Brooklyn, NY Updated
Software Developer. Python & Rust.
Nigeria Updated
computer vision & rust
Lead Software Developer
Azerbaijan, Baku @Fogito-com Updated
Keep learning...
Rio de Janeiro, Brasil Updated
Architect, Researcher, Engineer, Advisor 🛠️ C99, C++20, Rust, Python, ARMv8
Washington, DC Updated


Rust, C#, Kubernetes
Elysium Mons, Mars Updated
AWS Programmer Writer (Rust) CodeFellows Lead instructor (JS)
Seattle. WA AWS Updated
I love Rust and Game Development.
Buenos Aires, Argentina Updated
sudo everything --web --javascript --rust --linux --games
Amsterdam Updated
Linux (Scala | Java | Haskell | Rust)
Europe Updated
Programmer in Python, Rust, Js and Go lang.
Senior Java Developer. Also have minor experience with frontend (Javascript, Typescript, React JS, Vue JS).
Moscow, Russia Deutsche Bank Updated
Engineer of sorts. Interested in compilers, embedded systems, Linux, and Rust.
Berlin, Germany Updated
Python, Javascript, Rust, C#. Developer: Pandas TA & AlphaVantage API
Santa Ana, CA Individual Updated
C -> C++ -> C# --> Rust
Tokyo Japan Digital Design Updated
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mad professor #immersed #blockchain #c #rust
Universidad Nebrija. @migueloliverosmediavilla Updated
Interested in Rust, and Native development.
Waterloo, Ont Cash App Updated
China SphereEx Updated
engineer. I love Rust.
Kyoto, Japan. Updated
@software-mansion; formerly @membraneframework, @intellij-rust
Kraków, Poland @software-mansion Updated
Rust, TypeScript, AMXX Scripting
Serbia Updated
A Gopher & Rust lovers !
shenzhen nil Updated
An idealist in the new world.
Wuhan,China Updated