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Typescript, Python, Rust & Ruby.
Nigeria Updated
C++ Go Rust
Republic of Korea JNU | 42Seoul Updated
Engineering Manager and Rust Developer at @1Password
San Jose Updated
C# / JavaScript / Some Rust
Anywhere with internet Updated
engineer. I love Rust.
Kyoto, Japan. Updated
playing with rust and golang
Tehran, Iran Updated
junior project manager & Rust/Java/JavaScript/PHP developer
Guangzhou, China Updated
Shanghai Updated
Golang / Rust / Node.js / Python
Beijing, China Updated
JavaScript, React and Rust enthusiast.
Worldwide Updated


Rust, JS, CSS, Lua, SQL
Ukraine Updated
CTO @ToucanToco 🦜 Passionate about FOSS ⭐ Mostly Python, TypeScript and Rust
Paris, France @ToucanToco Updated 🦀 Rust 🦀
Paris, France Updated
Python/Golang/JS/Rust PaaS/DevOps/AI/Infra/MLOps
Beijing, China Starwhale Inc. Updated
Computer Science student & Software Developer. Linux. Vim. Go. Rust. React.
England University of Southampton Updated
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Given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow!
Tanzania Vodacom Updated
Arch Linux user and Rust enjoyer.
with Ferris @Eludris Updated
C#/.NET, Rust and database systems
Almaty, Kazakhstan Updated
Reverse-Engineering/CTF Player C/C++/Rust/Go Dev
Shanghai @Tencent Updated
Dart || Typescript || Rust
Jakarta Updated
Rust is neat
Software Developer #Scala #Rust #FP
Istanbul @intenseye Updated
Rust R&D Engineer. Big Data & NLP.
Paris, France Inria Updated
Freelance Rust and C++ engineer with a focus on robotics.
The Hague/Delft, Netherlands Updated
co-founder of nannou a 'creative coding framework for rust'.
Melbourne MindBuffer Updated
Cloudy Go/Rust/Python DevOpser
St. Louis, MO @PlainsightAI Updated
Javascript, React, React Native and Rust
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil VidMob Updated
Rust / C++ / Node.js / React.js / lua enthusiast
Taipei Taiwan Updated