simulations and rendering engines! Rust + Python is 🔥👌
United Kingdom @digiLab-ai Updated
Towards a more hopeful future. Ana is a Rust, PostgreSQL, and Nix hacker.
Lək̓ʷəŋən Territory @hoverbear-consulting & @determinateSystems Updated
Shanghai Updated
Full-Stack Developer || MERN || Python || Rust || || Blockchain || WEB3 | Solidity || Building Stuffs 🚀 🚀
Accra,Ghana Updated
Software developer in C#, Rust and Swift.
ReactJS | NextJS | Automation | Web3 | Rust
Chiang Mai, Thailand Freelancer Updated
Rust R&D Engineer. Big Data & NLP.
Paris, France Inria Updated
Go/Rust/Python/React dev
Bengaluru Riskilla Software Technologies Updated 🦀 Rust 🦀
Paris, France Updated
Web3 | Soalna | Rust | MERN Stack
India Updated
sudo everything --web --javascript --rust --linux --games
Amsterdam Updated
C#/.NET, Rust and database systems
Almaty, Kazakhstan Updated
C# / JavaScript / Some Rust
Anywhere with internet Updated
@software-mansion; formerly @membraneframework, @intellij-rust
Kraków, Poland @software-mansion Updated
junior project manager & Rust/Java/JavaScript/PHP developer
Guangzhou, China Updated
FOSS advocate and Rust enthusiast. he/him
Munich, Germany MVTec Software GmbH Updated
shell, php, javascript, typescript, java, kotlin, dart, rust
Bali Updated
Rust / C++ / Node.js / React.js / lua enthusiast
Taipei Taiwan Updated
(Go/Rust) developer/Musician
Somewhere over the rainbow Updated
I :heart: Rust
Jakarta, Indonesia @0x0d15ea5e Updated
Embedded Rust developer @ Mobilaris, Rust and C enthousiast
rust, cryptography and @spacedriveapp
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Chicago, IL BMW Technology Corporation Updated
Addicted to Rust. Core maintainer of PyO3. Full-stack developer; other than Rust you'll find me using Python, Typescript and C++.
Oxford, UK @Rothesay Updated
C++, Rust, Typescript
Seoul, Korea Updated
Senior II Rust engineer. Sledder, skiier, dirtbiker, rock climber, backcountry adventurer. Former Node.js TSC member.
Unceded Sḵwx̱wú7mesh Úxwumixw territory Senior Software Engineer @ GoDaddy Inc Updated
I love Neovim & Rust.
Rust, compiler, and low-level programming
Berlin Ethereum Foundation Updated
Youtuber, Blockchain Fullstack Developer and Trainer (Solidity/Rust)
Strasbourg Ben BK Updated