Can you help me find good software companies?


Can you help me find good software companies?

Can you help me find good software companies? Where to find professionals?

If you're hiring freelancers from major platforms like Upwork or Toptal, for example, you should still do some preliminary research to check how good the platform is. Did you know, for example, that Upwork charges its freelancers a 20% commission and doesn't have significant internal screening procedures?

Hi. I recently attended a conference and studied NAB 2022 participants. I took a look at the Oxagile development team and contacted them for further collaboration with them. I wanted to launch my OTT initiatives on different platforms and devices and transform business processes and they were able to help me with this.

Hello, this is Marilyn K from the US. Mostly you can find professionals on Upwork and from your contacts, you can ask your friends some of them definitely tells you about software companies and professional my friends of New Skills Academy know some of the best software companies because they are doing software engineering and they have to coordinate with them.

Guys, I'd like to find a new job as a programmer because I'm not satisfied with my current level of the salary. Therefore, if someone knows where it's possible to find something like that, give me recommendation please

As you may know, there are many companies and not each of them can provide you with the right services. Besides, when I also needed to find something like that, I decided to ask my friend for assistance and he recommended to use this source where it's possible to find both vacancies and companies. I think it's quite convenient. You might also try to use it.