Revisit standing on Iterators and Generators

Posted 2 months ago

Revisit standing on Iterators and Generators #2715

So is there any intention to revisit the standing on Iterators and Generators? I'm mostly instrested specifically in revisiting the advice given in 11.2 Don’t use generators for now.

Reason for asking

  1. The reasons why are based off thoughts and usage that is more then 7+ years old now
  2. Browsers and transpilers have come along way over the last 7+ years
  3. With New APIs and Objects
    Examples where methods on the objects return an iterator and not an array:
    - Map.entries()
    - Set.entries()
Created 2 months ago

I think most of the advice still holds - generators are best avoided, and generators are transpiled the same as they were 7+ years ago.

I agree using iterators is becoming more reasonable, especially with iterator helpers shipping soon, so that section may be revisited in the medium term.