How to enable "reader upvoting"? (longer-term discussion)

Posted 2 years ago

How to enable "reader upvoting"? (longer-term discussion) #175

What might be "effective" (ie, minimal work for reasonable capability) ways to implement a dynmaic, "user upvoted" (eg: view of this content?

Among other things, this might help new users (like me) to figure out what is "more popular," perhaps.

Of course: I realize this is a non-trivial effort. Hence I'm essenetially asking the Rust community (or at least the current rust-learning users/stakeholders) and not just @ctjhoa for input on usefulness, viability, and potential directions.

ps. rust-learning: what a fantastic resource, thank you @ctjhoa. I'm sure you've heard it before, but it's worth repeating.

Created 2 years ago

This could be a nice enhancement however it will require a complete rewrite of the project