`Chronicler`? (Similar Alternatives?)

Posted 2 months ago

`Chronicler`? (Similar Alternatives?) #116

@LuchoTurtle mentioned Chronicler in https://github.com/dwyl/product-ux-research/issues/45#issuecomment-1370751648 The aims of the project look good: https://chronicler.starchartlabs.org/ image

I'm curious why it's not more popular on GitHub: https://github.com/StarChart-Labs/chronicler image

Even a n00b dev has more than 5 friends they can ask to ⭐ their repo ... 🤷‍♂️ https://github.com/StarChart-Labs/chronicler/stargazers image

So I think we need to explore this further to understand if the tool is useful to us in the context of tracking changes and their corresponding updates to the Changelog/Docs. 💭

Question: What Other Similar Services are there? 💭