Exercism exercises in JavaScript.

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Exercism JavaScript Track

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Exercism exercises in JavaScript

This is the JavaScript track, one of the many tracks on Exercism. It holds all the exercises that are currently implemented and available for students to complete. The track consists of various concept exercises that teach the JavaScript syllabus, and various practice exercises, which are unlocked by progressing in the syllabus and can be used to practice concepts learned. You can find this in the config.json.


See CONTRIBUTING.md for a list of requirements to contribute to this track. It also has a list of tools you can use, of which the test tool is one of them.

Running the code quality tooling (linter)

This run eslint for all files that require linting.

npx eslint exercises/**/*.spec.js exercises/**/.meta/*.js --fix

These are also the files that are linted using the lint script, mentioned in CONTRIBUTING.md. The lint rules imposed on contributors and maintainers are stricter than those for the student. The idea is that we do not impose style rules on the students, but we guard for (potential) errors.

Files with strict rules:

  • <slug>.spec.js
  • .meta/proof.ci.js
  • .meta/exemplar.js

Files with loose rules:

  • custom.spec.js
  • <slug>.js

Running the test suite

This runs jest tests for all sample solutions. This does not use the regular way to run jest, because the example solution files must be renamed to be imported correctly into the test files.

npx babel-node scripts/test

If the ASSIGNMENT environment variable is set, only that exercise is tested. For example, if you only want to test the example.js for the practice exercise two-fer, you may, depending on your environment, use:

ASSIGNMENT=practice/two-fer npx babel-node scripts/test

Running on Windows? Depending on your shell, environment variables are set differently. You can use cross-env to normalize this. The following should work across environments:

npx cross-env ASSIGNMENT=practice/two-fer babel-node scripts/test

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A lot of the improvements made to this track and tooling are also made to the TypeScript track and tooling and vice-versa.